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Baby Boat Seat
Baby Boat Seat

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About This Item
The Searock baby seat is crafted to hang under any sturdy boat top (yes, this includes the ribs of a bimini) using a 4-point harness that attaches above the seat. There is an additional tether that acts as a stabilizer below the seat.

The SearocK baby seat is made of all marine grade material, so it withstands the elements of saltwater and weather. It is built to last for generations, and is easily transferable from your dock to your home.

It is for use only in no-wake areas and should never be used while a vessel is underway.

This item is usually ships separately from other items as it is shipped directly from the manufacturer in North Carolina, and is quite large.

Additional Information
Set-up and Safety Information

A. 4-Point Harness
Attach by wrapping line around sturdy foundation above and locking with attached clips * To shorten, wrap line around sturdy foundation multiple times then clip for desired height

B.Safety Belt
Secure child with attached safety belt

C. Stabilizing Cord (bottom of seat)
  • Necessary for vessel use only
  • Attach to captains chairs, leaning post, or other sturdy object underneath chair by using wrap around method with clip
  • Not designed to impede rocking motion, but to prevent extreme rocking from unexpected wake

Safety is our #1 concern.

A Safety Decal appears on every new SearocK Baby Seat with the following safety reminders...

To prevent serious injury or death from children falling or being strangled in straps:
  • Never leave infant unattended in swing.
  • Adhere to Coast Guard regulations.
  • Always use seat belt provided.
  • Discontinue use of swing when child attempts to climb out.
  • Not for vessels underway.
  • No wake areas only.
  • 6-36 months.


This item ships direct from the manufacturer and is not customizable.

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